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Many congratulations to JKAE members who passed their Qualification Tests at the specially arranged JKA England examination. 
Examiner D 
Trevor Byrne – JKA Weston Super Mare 
Bjarke Frellesvig – Oxford University 
Referee D 
David Burns – Shoto KC 
Tracey Good – Westminster SKC 
Jason Ramsey – Budokwai 
Zelda Sales – Herford Karate Club 
Aaron Storey – Stratford Karate Club 
Instructor D 
Abigail Good – Westminster SKC 
Kieran O’Brien – Ethos Shotokan Karate Centre 
Graham Richardson – Orpington SKC 
Francesca Sechi – Westminster SKC 
Matthew Spanswick – Orpington SKC 
Bianca Webb – Kazokudai 
Brian Williams – East London JKA Karate Club 
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