JKAE 15th Anniversary Course Karate Instructor Spotlight – Shiina Sensei! (0 comments)

JKAE are delighted to shine a spotlight on one of our guest Instructors for the 15th Anniversary Course is Shiina Sensei this May! It is a great honour to have this explosive Instructor at the course! Starting Karate at the age of four and, once again, a product of Takushoku University- her motto is “seek perfection of character”,

Current World Ladies Kumite Champion, Shiina Sensei will be bringing her knowledge and experience to share at the course. Consistently ranking highly in both the JKA All-Japans and Worlds, Shiina Sensei finally took the World Title in Limerick 2017. See the clip below for the full fight;


No stranger to JKAE courses, Shiina Sensei led a great session on Jion amongst others on her last visit.

For more information on the course and details of how to book, please visit

JKA England International Karate Course at K2, Crawley, May 2018

Shiina Sensei’s current tournament record is below;

  • 13th Funakoshi Gichin Cup World Championship Tournament (Japan,2014) 2nd Place Women’s Kumite
  • 57th JKA All Japan Championship (2014) 2nd Place Women’s Kumite
  • 56th JKA All Japan Championship (2013) 2nd Place Women’s Kumite
  • 54th JKA All Japan Championship (2011) 1st Place Women’s Kumite



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