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2018 All Japan Karate Championships (0 comments)

This year, we celebrate the 150th anniversary of the birth of Master Funakoshi Gichin and the 70th anniversary of the foundation of the JKA. We  hope many people will come to this comemorable championship tournament.

Doors open 8:15am and the tournament starts at 9:30am both days.

The ceremony will be held on Sunday 3rd June at 12:30pm. And on this day, Embu performance will be given by JKA-HQ Shihan, kids and specially invited guests as well.

For the people in abroad, this tournament will be broadcasted live on internet on the following link: http://budojapan.com/jka-karate/

Saturday 2nd June

Team Kata 1st final round

Kumite Prefectual category 1st semi final round

Other categories 1st the final round

Individual High school

Kata 1st final round

Kumite 1st final round

Individual Kumite 1st & 2nd round

Sunday 3rd June

Team Kumite final round

Individual Kata 1st final round

Kumite 3rd and final round


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