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Being selected for Squad and making the team for any tournament can be a daunting experience. Making the England Squad JKA World Cup team even more so. There can be moments of doubt, loneliness and detachment from your home country and association. The last week is long and can be difficult, you must be patient and keep your focus for the whole week even when you are mixing with the other teams. Having a winning mindset is vital and maintaining it is very challenging.

What can help is support from home. You can help by;

  • Posting a message of support on the JKA England Facebook page
  • Tagging and sharing this post so that other club members are aware of how they can help
  • Liking and commenting on this post to raise the profile of the Squad in Ireland.

I guarantee you the Squad will be looking at the page in the coming week and will read your messages.

A quick look back at 2014 will serve as a reminder of what the JKA World Cup team will be facing in Limerick.  The 2014 Tournament took place at the Nippon Budokan arena in Chiyoda, Tokyo which is the arena that holds the All Japans every year. You’ll recognise it from Youtube! Pop fact: The Nippon Budokan was the venue for the famous Muhammad Ali vs Anotoni Inoki hybrid rules fight in 1976, some say that this was the first ever MMA fight.

First up, the Ladies team Kata Final which finished with Japan, Russia and German on the podium- full highlights are here. Our own Ladies team finished 5th place performing Sochin.

Men’s team Kata, Japan, Canada and Hungary took the medals on this front. The standard of focus, synchronisation and timing is phenomenal.

Ladies Individual Kata, is next with the top three places being taken by Japan however 3rd place was also awarded to Cifkova Petra of the Czech Republic!

Men’s Individual Kata was all out Japan with a trio on the stand but third place was shared with Supa Ngamphuengphit of Thailand- have a look.


We will keep you updated throughout the World Cup on the JKA England Facebook page.

So get posting, get other members to like the page and send our squad a message of support!





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