JKA England National Karate Course February 2019

JKA England National Karate Course February 2019

JKA England hosts twice yearly national training courses.  These courses are essential training for all students, particularly brown belts preparing to take their sho dan grade and black belts looking to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in technique and kata.  These courses are for JKA members only.

Kyu grades are very welcome at the reduced price of £10. We appreciate that three hours training can be demanding, so regular breaks will be taken and younger students may leave in the break if they wish.


24 February; Training 11am to 2pm; Dan Grading afterwards


Basildon Sporting Village, Cranes Farm Rd, Basildon SS14 3GR


Ohta Sensei, 7th Dan, JKA England Chief Instructor

Senior Instructors from the Technical Committee


3rd Kyu and above: £15

4th Kyu and below: £10

Sho Dan and Ni Dan grading plus Dan Registration cost is extra, payment on the day in cash only.


Pay on the day with cash or prepay using our online payment system (please bring proof of purchase with you!).

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