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In the modern martial arts world, there are so many styles and systems flying around it can be quite confusing! All with different angles and types of emphasis that have been drilled down to the infinite degree close fighting, in fighting, grappling, weapons etc. What can students take from traditional Karate in the modern martial arts world? How’s about these?


Distance Management

Through the course of training and progressing through the belts your body (not you) will subconsciously learn distance management. What distance you need to be at to punch or kick someone and likewise what distance you need to keep somebody at so that they can’t strike you.

Movement is everything.

You can have the best reverse punch in the world but if you are continually in the wrong place it is useless! Karate drills are based on distance and coupled with the “one blow, one kill” philosophy (more later) are extremely effective at instilling this sense of distance in its students. Block and strike definitively or escape.


“One blow, One kill” or Ikken Hissatsu

Otherwise known as a killing blow………. Can someone kill with a single punch or kick?


But this more refers to a particular attitude that is bred in traditional Karate in the modern martial arts world. Delivering a technique with the feeling that this will be the final blow in an encounter. A definitive strike executed with all your mind, body and spirit. Total focus and unification of yourself. The payoff for this this is that this focus can be used in other areas of your life and training. As opposed to attempting a soft strike to open up your opponent, if you can get a strike in make sure it counts.

After all, who wants a fight to carry on?


Karate state of mind

This is a bit of a cheat as Karate does share this with other authentic martial arts, the ability to switch from relaxed state of mind to 100% awareness and readiness.

An old Instructor once said that you may, at some point, have to defend either yourself of your loved ones. Possibly at 2am in the morning in your pyjamas half asleep or in some other half dozy situation. The cultivation of the ability to switch to a full mental state of focus, awareness and readiness is hard to underestimate.


Kata or Forms

“Why on Earth do Kata?” This is usually a question asked by people who have either done Kata on a very limited basis or not at all. “It looks like a dance”, “nobody is ever going to attack you like that”, “let’s just get down to sparring and leave that alone”.

This usually means that you do not understand Kata.

Kata is vital to Karate and to sparring. All sorts of techniques that are not practiced in Kihon basics are there in Kata. Wrist locks, arm locks, nasty kicks and devastating strikes. All knitted together in a way that teaches your body how to move from one position to another quickly and efficiently. Quick so you can fight well and efficient so you don’t “gas out”. Katas can be explained to a certain point but not thoroughly learnt without heavy physical repetition where your body receives a deeper understanding. Teaching you how to use your whole body rather than just muscles to be powerful. Also these can be practiced on your own out of the Dojo.


These are 4 reasons that places traditional karate in the modern martial arts world.



Think I have missed something out?

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