Take the little wins on the Karate Journey, don’t just think of the destination…. (0 comments)

Take the little wins

Funny things can happen to your mind on the Karate journey.

Chasing belts and grades is universally agreed not to be the way forward in Karate however there are times when you need to do this. Pushing for your Shodan, Nidan, Sandan? You need to knuckle down and drill the syllabus. Kihon, Kata and Kumite at the expense of all else.

Chasing excellence and perfection can really zero you in on a goal which is great! Focussed, targeted, driven and ambitious are all good words and feelings. Concentrating solely on this is really positive but can also have a negative affect.

Have a bad training session?

Not meet your own expectation?

Take someone’s CONSTRUCTIVE criticism the wrong way?

Given what is perceptibly at stake, this can all lead to massive disappointment.

Loss of spirit and, worst of all, loss of passion can lead to you cutting your Karate journey short.

l am not for one moment suggesting that you don’t have goals but don’t ignore the journey along the way. Especially don’t ignore all the little wins that come with training.

Look after the little things


Kata may not be there just yet, but your stances have deepened!

Kumite timing may not be quite right, but your sense of distance has improved!

Kicks may not be high enough, but your technique is way better than it was!

Kata timing is off, but you finally nailed your hips on Uraken!


It’s all relative…………………………..to you and your relationship with Karate.

We’ve all been at a course or lesson and seen a Sensei perform a technique or sequence of moves so effortlessly, smoothly, dynamically, powerfully and (even worse) efficiently! They are not even breaking a sweat! When this happens, you are seeing the result of all the little battles that the Sensei faced. All the little victories that the Sensei achieved to be able to deliver those techniques in such a fashion.

Don’t make a mistake of thinking that means it’s ok to not push, drive and challenge yourself. Just don’t ignore all the little wins that will eventually contribute to the whole.



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