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It is with great sadness that JKA England announces the passing of Masataka Mori Sensei.

He was born in 1932 and, once again as with so many phenomenal Karate-ka, was a student at Takushoku Univeristy in 1950. Unsuprisingly, he was also a member of the University’s karate club and eventual became team captain.

Upon graduation, he joined the JKA and began his career as a karate instructor. In 1963, he travelled to Hawaii where he became Chief Instructor of the Karate Association of Hawaii (KAH).

He finally settled in New York and became the North Atlantic regional chief instructor of the JKA. He also travelled worldwide as a teacher, referee and judge.

A true exponent of true basics, big techniques and good spirit, he will be sorely missed.

Mori Sensei held the rank of 9th Dan, an amazing achievement which spoke volumes about his contribution to Karate-do.



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