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International karate at K2

Training at your own Dojo is great fun, friendly and rewarding. However have you ever tried to plan your Karate courses for the year as well? Whether it be for grade progression or just for fun; adding domestic Karate courses and competitions to your calendar or even attending a Gasshuku overseas can push your Karate forwards.

Take this year for instance, there is the Gasshuku in Ireland just prior to the World Cup. If you are lucky to have the time, a whole week of Karate training and watching top-level competition is possible. A Gasshuku is like any of the other Karate courses but spread over a few days like the International course. It will target certain techniques, Kata and other areas. Led by World-class instructors, it will push and challenge you physically, mentally and socially. Check the Japan Karate Association England Events page for more details.

September also sees an all grades course on the 17th followed by a regional course on the 8th October. Then there is a chance to compete on the 4th November at the Four Nations taking place at K2 Crawley, this tournament is different to the Nationals as it is open to all Traditional Karate Associations! Follow this up with a regional course on the 12th November – all courses are led by Sensei Ohta with top JKA England Instructors and Examiners. If you are looking for a Dan Grade, then events like this offer the opportunity to get the inside track!


Feeling adventurous? Visit our friends at JKA Norway for the JKA Norway Gasshuku. This course is on from the 23-26 November and is highly recommended for technical content and good times! The Norwegians are great hosts and the relationship between JKA England and JKA Norway goes from strength to strength every year.

As the year starts to come to an end, don’t forget our own International Course which is the first weekend in December. Three days of high quality tuition by World Class Instructors from Japan. A fantastic way to end the year! Exceptional quality training, targeted sessions led by Instructors from JKA Honbu. Socially this is fantastic to get together and meet students from other Dojos as well. Again check the Japan Karate Association England Events page for more details.

Looking ahead to 2018, there is unquestionably still time to prepare for the Spring Course in Tokyo if you can wangle the time off work.

On top of the weekly sessions at your home Dojo, these are great to add to your training. They allow you to  take on new ideas, make new friends and basically add to your experience. Lots to do and lots to plan for if you can make space in your calendar – you don’t have to make them all but if you can make some you will see the benefits in your training and your Karate.







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