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The inaugural First Aid Course, organised by JKA England for Club Chief Instructors, took place on Sunday 5th November.

The course, which was attended by our JKA England Chief Instructor Sensei Ohta and many other JKAE Club Chief Instructors, was great, informative and very useful. Everyone arrived on time, despite most of us having refereed in the Four Nations competition the previous day.

The course started with the theoretical part, this covered the important aspects of injuries and explained the signs and symptoms and what to do in relation to injuries, unconsciousness, shock, epileptic fits, heart and asthma attack as well as burns.


Great emphasis was placed on the importance of performing early CPR which can save life as well as having a regularly stocked and checked First Aid Kit to hand. We were also shown different types of AED defibrillator. The advantage of having a defibrillator is that it provides simple audio instructions for carrying out a rescue operation and so can be used by a person with no first aid knowledge.

Most of us took notes and some important questions were raised for which we received useful, clear and practical answers from Steve Fraser, our excellent First Aid lecturer.

After a short break, we moved on to the practical part. We all performed a very realistic CPR, log roll and practiced the recovery position. We have also practiced how to help a choking person.

We also had to do a written test, which covered all of what we had learned on the day. We will all be issued with a certificate of completion.

This was a fantastic opportunity to learn all these very important lifesaving skills in a relaxed and friendly yet professional atmosphere.

Thank you so much JKA England for organising the First Aid Course. It is highly recommended! So JKA England Chief instructors, please look out for the next opportunity to take the course and reserve your place. You might save lives!

Shahinaz Pelter

Bromley & South East London JKA Karate Club



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