A very busy and energising day of competition at the JKA England National Championships 2024! Over 400 competitors & 38 team entries competing in 60 categories! 
Congratulations to all our medal winners!! 
Best Senior Male 
Aaron Storey - Stratford Karate Club 
Best Senior Female 
Bianca Webb – Kazokudai 
Best Junior Male 
Mohammad Almanne - Westminster SKC 
Best Junior Female 
Cyra Webb - Kazokudai 
The competition wouldn't have happened without our referees, timekeepers, stewards & other organisers working in the background! A HUGE thank you for your time and efforts! 
Ohta Sensei - Chief Referee A 
Gary Stewart - Referee A 
Adel Ismail - Referee A 
Giuseppe D'Onofrio - Referee A 
Dirk Leiding - Referee A 
Thaier Gabrail - Referee B 
Dave Paulus - Referee B 
Martin Dobson - Referee B 
Brian van der Bijl - Referee C 
Jason Ramsay - Referee C 
Spiros Ventouras - Referee C 
Martyn King - Referee C 
Edward Brooms - Referee C 
Rowland Costin - Referee C 
Stephen Deal - Referee C 
Ilona Costin - Referee C 
Krzysztof (Kris) Jasinski - Referee C 
Shahinaz Pelter - Referee C 
Dominic Walker - Referee D 
Toby Price - Referee D 
Graham J Richardson - Referee D 
Roy Harverson - Referee D 
Steven Rowe - Referee D 
David Burns - Referee D 
Miranda Price - Referee D 
Samuel Scott - Referee 
John Holt - Referee 
Robert Tidbury - Referee 
Martin R. Dixon - Referee 
Matt Graves - Referee 
Clare Fabri - Referee 
Brian Williams - Referee 
Tania Wright - Referee 
Morten Damm Referee 
Lucy Fairclough - Timekeeper 
Aarti Parmar -Timekeeper 
Gillian Dixon - Timekeeper 
Dominique Drai - Timekeeper 
Ting Ting Wang - Timekeeper 
Glen Vaughan - Timekeeper 
Tim Coyne - Timekeeper 
Jeremy Standen -Timekeeper 
Corinne Di Credico - Timekeeper 
Anna Lee - Timekeeper 
Mariko Watanabe Timekeeper 
Tony Cronk - Referee C, Table 
Zelda Sales - Referee D, Table 
Tom Warnock - Event Steward 
Henri Boissieres -Event Steward 
Yuko Boissieres - Event Steward 
Susie Jayasinghe - Event Steward 
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