JKA England Squad

The Squad develops selected members of JKA England to compete at international competitions.  Training and competition continue throughout the year to ensure our members are ready to compete at Japan Karate Association international competitions.

Every squad member starts their journey at the JKA England Club level – training, grading, competing.  This focus on Club training continues throughout development.  It is regular practice that provides the strength, power and technical knowledge that squad members need to be successful.  Squad layers on additional intensive training sessions focused on competition kata and kumite – refining and improving.  Squad members compete in a wide variety of competitions within England to test out these skills.

When squad members are ready to be selected for the JKA Europeans and JKA World Championships they can test out their skills against the best in the world.  JKA England are proud to say our small team regularly finds itself in the final rounds and on the medal podium at these competitions!

JKA England Squad 2019

Seniors Cadets Juniors
Sarah Adjali, Westminster Tosan Awani, Stevenage Helena Chan, Colchester
Roisin Akimoto, Oasis Shekinah Bautista, Reading Charlie Cox, Yushikai
Alistair Bevan, Kenshinkan Jean-Laurent Boissieres, Budokwai William Cunningham, Portsmouth
George Dragonov, Budokwai Owen Cook, Kenshinkan Ayako Frellesvig, Oxford City
Tresor Mashaka Musonge, Westminster Alfie Cunningham, Portsmouth Leilani Gabrielli, SESKA
Folley Ogundele, Westminster Abigail Good, Westminster Viktor Lam, Ipswich
Rachel O’Halloran, Oasis Endri Krasniqi, Westminster Brody Moroney, Yushikai
Zelda Sales, Bayford Karate Club Mia Lam, Ipswich Trent Moroney, Yushikai
Jana Sersnova, Oasis Harrison Langridge, Yushikai Shion Nakamura, Shiranamikai
Aaron Storey, East London Tia Molesbury, Kenshinkan Cyra Webb, Kazokudai
Bianca Webb, Kazokudai Zak Moorcroft, Kenshinkan
Joel Woof, Westminster Cian Moroney, Yushikai
Nathan Radford, East London
Sasha Walter, Budokwai


Coaches 2018 - 2021

Head Coach: Roy Tomlin MBE, 6th Dan

Assistant Coach: Ken Hori, 5th Dan

Sensei Roy and Sensei Ken are responsible for the development of the squad for the years 2018 through to the 2020 JKA World Championships.  JKA England Chief Instructor, Sensei Ohta, and the rest of the Technical Committee also keep a keen eye on squad development – dropping in on squad training, checking stances at national courses, giving feedback….  There is nowhere to hide!


The Squad competes in karate competitions around England to develop our members.  These competitions provide mat time in both kata and kumite to test out what they are learning in actual competition.  Training informs competition and competition informs training.

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Upcoming JKA International Competitions

JKA Europeans

  • Seniors – Stavanger, Norway; 6 April 2019
  • Juniors – Kadan, Czech Republic; 25 & 26 May 2019
    • Day 1 – individual events
    • Day 2 – team events

JKA World Championships

  • Tokyo Japan; 2020 (more information coming soon)
    • Day 1 – Juniors & Veterans
    • Day 2 – Seniors – elimination rounds
    • Day 3 – Seniors – final rounds

 Upcoming Training Sessions

Training Dates* Notes
14 October 2018 Open Session for current & potential squad members
11 November 2018 Squad Selections for 2019 – all qualified JKA England members who are interested in being on the squad are encouraged to try out.
9 December 2018
20 January 2019 All Squad & Provisional Members – selection for Senior Europeans
10 February 2019 All Squad & Provisional Members – selection for Junior Europeans
3 March 2019
17 March 2019
28 April 2019
12 May 2019

*Unless otherwise noted, training is held at Westminster Shotokan Karate Club, St. Andrews Youth Club, 12 Old Pye St, Westminster, London SW1P 2DG, from 2 to 5pm.

Click here: Full Squad Calendar

If you are interested in finding out more about training with the squad, please contact the Squad Manager.  We are looking for Junior members (under 16) who are 3rd kyu and above and Cadet/Senior members (16+) who are 1st Dan and above.  While it is important to have a strong basis in kihon, kata and kumite, it is more important to have spirit! Oss!


Squad Manager: Tracey Good, 2nd Dan jkaenglandsquad@gmail.com

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